Reach hundreds of thousands of retail stores

We sell, pick up and deliver!

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You bring the assets,
We’ll bring the rest

Deploy your choice of branded or unbranded vehicles (vans, tricycles, etc) into the TradeDepot fleet. We provide everything else: trained and fulfilment certified drivers, management and maintenance of the assets, daily trip management, and tons of ​new customers and sales.

The TradeDepot Advantage

Reach more stores, grow your business

Every 3 minutes, a new retail store gets activated on the TradeDepot network. Get your products on the shelves of many more outlets and watch your business grow

Available 24-7 to Retail Stores

Through our​ B2B eCommerce Platform​, your products are available for retail stores to order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more 'stock-outs' of your product at retail locations

It's cost-effective and simple.

Pay as you go—you are charged for monthly running costs of the assets and a margin for orders we fulfill. No extra charge for high volume bulk-deliveries to premium retailers on our "Subscribe and Save" plan

How Redistribution by TradeDepot works

1. You Register

Sign up​ with your contact details. A fulfilment advisor will work with you to identify the ideal assets to deploy in each location, and map each vehicle to a supply territory and distributor pick up point.

2. You List

Add your products to TradeDepot’s Shop TopUp catalog. Indicate which products are available for each supply territory, and at what price. Your fulfilment advisor will work with you to ensure the right product details and pack shots are setup for each product and SKU

3. We Sell

Once your products are active on the catalog and the vehicles are deployed to the fleet, orders start coming in immediately from tens of thousands of retailers on our network.

4. We Ship and Pay You!

TradeDepot picks up products from the distributor pick up point and ships to the customer. Payment for the orders (net of TradeDepot seller fees) is deposited into your designated bank account(s), and you receive notification by email that your payment has been sent

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