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Predictive Trade Intelligence
to leapfrog the competition

Tradedepot provides Predictive Analysis to enable you run targeted campaigns, price your products competitively, deliver the best brand mix to your retailers and distributors and eliminate out-of-stock situations.

Real-time Access to
your Distributors' Stock Levels

Tradedepot provides real-time integration between your back office inventory systems and the stock held by your 3rd party logistics providers and in distributor warehouses. Now you can plan for demand with accurate stock level information.

Receive Bulk Orders Online

Distributors and wholesalers can place bulk orders from their shops and warehouses or from their mobiles, giving them more time to focus on selling your products. Your detailers can also place orders on behalf of distributors, right from their mobile phones.

Auto-generate Sales Promotions
to Boost Sales

Use market performance data to generate new promotions for different customer groups automatically. Tradedepot uses AI and Machine Learning to enable you decide the most effective promotions to run.


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