Retail distribution made simple

When you register as a supplier, TradeDepot becomes a full-time distributor of your products. We buy and store the inventory, and take care of everything from shipping and pricing to customer service and returns.

Trusted by the world's biggest brands


Reach millions with

Top consumer goods producers as well as importers and local manufacturers use TradeDepot for a reason: the tens of thousands of retailers we service every day


Real-time trade intelligence from actual transactions enable us get your products into the right retail stores at the right time

Deliver Smiles

We handle the inventory, shipping, returns and customer service through our distribution facilities across Africa. If you want to take care of the shipping yourself, we enable that too

Inventory Finance

We provide micro-loans to retailers to enable them buy more of your products, backed by leading Financial Partners


Analyse performance vs your competition in real-time

We verify your official email and immediately give you access to view your company's performance in trade benchmarked against peers. No fuss


Outlet volumes by product, channel, location and category


Benchmark performance against category leaders and median performance. See where your products rank


Run trade promotions and messaging campaigns, launch new products and get samples to leading stores

Driving growth for amazing brands

TradeDepot delivers an innovative route-to-market for the leading consumer goods producers in Africa